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Color Psychology for Marketing


“Color is what gets your audience to see what you want them to see, feel what you want them to feel, and to do what you want them to do.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to make color choices for your brand that are intentional and purposefully-designed to spark meaningful action?

I’ll say.

Your brand’s color palette has a HUGE effect on how your customers engage with and act towards your content.


In this quick and fun mini-course, I teach you the role that color psychology plays in marketing persuasion. I go over 9 of the most popular brand colors and break down each color’s personality traits and characteristics. You’ll learn how each of these colors are perceived globally, and which color families work best for certain types of brands.

In as little as one afternoon, you’ll learn:

Color Psychology for Marketing

How color psychology influences your customer’s buying behavior

9 Dominating Color Palettes

The 9 main colors used by giant brands and how these colors are perceived globally

Color Personality Associations

The personality traits associated with these color families

Color Expectations from Customers

How to create a color palette that resonates with your CUSTOMERS

BONUS: Battle of the Sexes

I’ve included a bonus section that breaks down studies over the past 7 decades that show the differences in how men and women respond to color choices

ready to enroll?

Snuggle up with your favorite notebook and get ready to take some notes! This training is quick, fun, informative, and will have you dreaming in color.

Stina Welty Founder, The Everyday Series

Jessica’s mind is a work of art.

She speaks from a true knowledge base and methodologies that have informed her practices as a female entrepreneur. She is also raw and real- you feel like you’re sitting in a coffee shop together as if you’ve known each other for forever. Her collaborative spirit reflects in the way she freely gives away so many resources and courses to her students. She truly wants each and every woman’s business to succeed!

Curious About Me?

Color Psychology for Marketing

Sweet. Let’s get to know each other.

My name is Jessica Korthuis (pronounced, court-house), I know it’s a doozy! My husband is from a fun little country called Holland, and our last name means “short home” in Dutch. I’m a self-taught award winning marketer and brand strategist, having worked with some amazing brands like Red Bull, Girls Who Code, TedxWomen, Stanford University, and a bunch of others. 

While working with global brands is how I aced these marketing ropes, my passion lies in supporting female founders on their quest to ditch their soul-sucking 9-5’s or take the leap into launching their own businesses. 

I LOVE teaching, and I love producing educational content that womenpreneurs can actually act on. I’ve nailed the fundamentals needed to differentiate your business and stand out among the noise, and I’d love to teach you how to use these principles for your business, too. 


Color Psychology for Marketing

Here’s what you get inside Color Psychology for Marketing

Instant (Lifetime) Access

Upon enrollment, you’ll get access to the material and resource for life! This course is quick, easy to consume, to the point, and packed with value. Visit the content again and again if you need a refresher. 

9 Dominating Color Palettes

Learn the 9 main colors used by giant brands and how these colors are perceived globally. This course also reviews personality traits associated with each color family.

Battle of the Sexes: how men and women view color

This course has a bonus section that breaks down studies over the past 7 decades that show the differences in how men and women respond to color choices

Girl, get your color palette on point.

You can also join the Sohuis Community and get this course included in your membership.

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Color Psychology for Marketing