Home: The Epicenter of Your Success

“Self love” is a huge catchphrase at the moment, which conjures up thoughts of manicures, massages, and deep breathing techniques. Those are all great things that we should definitely be doing! But there is the ultimate act of self love that we overlook that is so vitally important to our well being and that is the space in which we live. 

We will save the space we work in for another day! Where you work is HUGE, too but let’s focus on the epicenter of your well being… your home. 

Take a moment and think about your house. Close your eyes and think for a moment how your house makes you feel. Is it a place of refuge? Does it make you feel relaxed, energized, and happy? Or does it make you feel stressed, anxious, tired, and unhappy? Most of us experience a range of all those emotions. 

We have family that makes us happy, but sometimes we fight. We have pretty things in our closets but we have piles of laundry waiting too. We burn candles to make it cozy and add blankets to make it feel warm but we hardly have time to actually sit and enjoy them because we are so busy. 

What most of us fail to realize is that our home is the epicenter of our success. If we are happy at home and find a live full of love and joy awaiting us, it directly impacts the way we work for the better. However, if we are overwhelmed by projects, laundry, bickering, and chaos it will follow us to our work, whether our commute is to the home office or two hours away at the office downtown. 

We have to work at our happiness. With the holidays quickly approaching, there has never been a better time to start working on creating a happier home.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for making making you more successful:
1. Find joy in the chores.

Play music, listen to your favorite podcast (we recommend Onward Creatives!) or even play a youtube video on your phone (Check out House of Valentina!) to make the work feel more like a treat!

2. Microclean

It may not be possible to clean and organize the entire house, but cleaning out the junk drawer where your throw your car keys every day will have a direct impact on your stress level as you leave the house and come home every day.

3. Commit to 5 minutes a day of deep breathing and self love.

Sit in your favorite “spot” in your home with your favorite beverage and think about all the things that your are thankful for. This is a great time to celebrate the things that you are most proud of (which can be anything from keeping your dog alive for 2 year straight or how proud you are of something you did well this week!)

4. Wash the linens on your bed.

I know it sounds simple, but crawling into a set of freshly laundered sheets spritzed with your favorite scent is one of the most luxurious things in the world.

5. Cut flowers from your yard or treat yourself to a grocery store bouquet.

Put them next to your bed or on the sink where you get ready every morning. (We have a couple videos on our youtube channel sharing how to make every day flowers look amazing!) 

When you invest in yourself at home it has an exponentially higher Return On Investment because it is the epicenter of your well being. You’ll start seeing results immediately in your personal relationships, and your business!


Content courtesy of Valentina Fussell, Founder of House of Valentina, a boutique, luxury-focused residential firm focused on providing an all-inclusive service to their clients when buying and selling their home. 


Contributing Author, Valentina Fussell

House of Valentina is more than a place. It is an ethos and a passion for helping others buy, sell, renovate, and decorate. Owner and founder, Valentina, loves jumping in wherever her clients need her and helping them create a home that is unique to their personality, style, and story. Whether she’s helping her clients sell or buy their home or renovating a room or the entire house, Valentina brings a unique perspective from her background as an interiors stylist.  Her belief that we all deserve to live our most beautiful home life is infused in everything she does!

To keep updated with Valentina, follow her on Instagram at @ValentinaFussell, and to keep up with her company’s projects, follow @TheHouseofValentina. Valentina also has a Youtube Channel where she covers all things design and home related.