Rethinking Talent For Your Small Business

Did you know that approximately 81 percent of the 30 million small business owners in the United States are solopreneurs with zero paid employees? At the same time, small businesses say finding qualified workers is the number one business challenge.

Even during these uncertain times, the solution for those wanting to survive, thrive, and/or grow in 2020 is dependent upon their ability to tap into the Gig Economy and understand how to build a talent strategy that leverages freelance resources.

The key lies in building a talent strategy that includes a focused talent curation process.

Curate Purposely

A focused talent curation process begins with building job descriptions that explicitly state the results you’re looking to attain, and the specific skills required to do so. This ensures the best match between a freelancer’s expertise and your expectations.

Once a clear job description exists, it becomes easier to consider applicants based on their ability to complete the tasks and execute the necessary job functions of the role you’re looking to fulfill. 

Unfortunately, most business owners don’t have the time (and in some cases the expertise) to provide a thorough level of examination of each candidate, which is why most freelance job platforms can be overwhelming to small business CEO’s trying to find talent.

Additionally, entrepreneurs typically don’t have corporate backgrounds in HR, hiring, or recruiting – so the majority of them don’t understand how to define the skills they need to produce the results they want.

Or, even more so what it takes to source or price quality freelance candidates. For instance, do you know the 15 questions that should be answered in order to help you hire the right talent? In my experience, I’ve learned questions such as: ‘If you had to name the job, what would you call it?’, ‘Are you a Mac user or a PC user?’, and ‘Do you prefer a self-starter or more of an order taker?’” can help you fine tune your search and in turn, your talent strategy.

It might sound basic and obvious, but those things are really important to finding the right talent. Although you may not be thinking about growing your business right now with all that’s happening in the world, it’s essential to think about what you’ll need and plan ahead so you can easily get your business back on track when things begin to normalize a bit.

Peter Drucker once said: ‘Do what you do best and outsource the rest’ which is something that I believe whole-heartedly. It’s this belief that drove me to create a process that helps others curate the talent they need so they can focus on whatever drives them. That’s MY purpose.

Get Results

In any industry, adding freelance talent brings fresh skills, insights, and new perspectives that can help a small business maximize talent and deliver better results. As an entrepreneur myself, I’m all about results, and from my years in business, I can say with accuracy that most owners are. When you’re able to follow a dedicated talent curation process, it becomes easier to find, connect with, and hire freelance professionals who will help you achieve the results you want. The right talent is essential to your business’ purpose and growth.

Especially during these challenging times, it’s important to ask yourself, “Why did I choose to start a business?” It’s likely something along the lines of providing value to people and fulfilling your purpose by doing something you’re passionate about. A team of like-minded people that are driven to succeed can help you reach your business goals no matter what they may be, and a well-thought-through talent curation process will help you find the right people. Focus on making your vision a reality and get help with the other, non-essential items.

You’d do whatever it takes to help your business thrive, so think-through your talent strategy today because at the end of the day – putting the right people in the right roles will help you do just that.


Content courtesy of Elizabeth Eiss, technology pacesetter and Founder of ResultsResourcing®, an online freelance talent concierge platform and service.



A technology pacesetter, Elizabeth Eiss is the Founder and CEO of ResultsResourcing®, an online freelance talent concierge platform and service.

Elizabeth is a well-known speaker on entrepreneurial growth and sought after expert on the future of work, on-demand talent & virtual staffing trends, business performance & culture, and leadership transformation from ‘intrapreneur’ to entrepreneur.

Elizabeth has a track record of progressive accomplishments in the C-suite, encompassing roles in operations, business expansion, turnarounds, M&A, as well as leveraging technology to build business value. ResultsResourcing® helps organizations scale by leveraging virtual freelancers, vetted and hand-curated using proprietary technology Elizabeth designed and co-developed.

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